Labour In Dire Straits - Money For Nothing?

  • John Luxton

- Kicks For Free? - Just Tax Families And Businesses More Says Labour

The expected broadcasting policy to be released by Labour would be another "money for nothing, kicks for free" policy of Labour, acting Broadcasting Minister, Hon John Luxton said tonight.

Labour's Broadcasting policy is understood to be released soon. "Labour are in dire straits. They seem to think you can have money for nothing, and your political bribes for free.

But unlike Labour, the rest of New Zealand knows that money isn't free. Labour don't seem to understand that if you spend taxpayers money in one area, such as broadcasting, someone has to pay for it elsewhere.

" For example, if Labour say they are going to lower the dividend that TVNZ pays to government, Helen Clark needs to name the rural hospitals that they will close, or the glue ear operations that will be cancelled to pay for it.

"Otherwise Labour need to tell New Zealanders by how much they are going to increase their taxes. "

As well as raising taxes, it is understood that Labour want to penalise teenagers and other music lovers with their broadcasting policy. "At least Labour and Alliance have total agreement on one policy - tax hard working families and businesses more," Mr Luxton concluded.