Labour descends into the gutter - again

  • John Key
Prime Minister

Prime Minister John Key says that on a day when Labour has no answer to the National-led Government’s responsible Budget plans, it has resorted to the gutter yet again with false allegations.

“In the House today, Labour has falsely asserted corrupt dealings in relation to the contract between the Department of Internal Affairs and BMW NZ Ltd to roll over the VIP Transport contract,” says Mr Key.

“BMW NZ is not the same entity as the one named by a Labour MP today as having made a donation to the National Party.

“The company named in the House is an Auckland dealership – and is not the company which the Department of Internal Affairs signed the contract with for the replacement of the VIP Transport fleet.

“That contract was also signed under the last Labour Government - not the National Government - and rolled over by the department under its delegated authority.

“This is not only a baseless smear on my integrity, it is also a smear on the integrity of officials in the Department of Internal Affairs who are responsible for the contract."

Mr Key says New Zealanders will judge for themselves what Labour’s latest smear attempt demonstrates about the priorities of that party's MPs.

“Next week Finance Minister Bill English will deliver a responsible and measured Budget that sets a credible path back to surplus. The National-led Government is focused on getting the books back to surplus while at the same time continuing to protect the most vulnerable New Zealanders, boosting frontline health and education services, and helping to pay for the rebuilding of Christchurch.

“Labour is waving the white flag of surrender. It has no answer to the big issues facing New Zealand and in desperation chooses instead to focus on smears and baseless innuendo.”