Labour Attempts To Politicise Public Service

  • Wyatt Creech

Contrary to the denials in the House the Labour Party has actively tried to infiltrate the public service by encouraging the release of confidential information, Deputy Prime Minister Wyatt Creech said today.

"Documents released today clearly show that Labour has been encouraging a public servant employed by the Ministry of Education to pass confidential information on to them. The papers show a clear link with Helen Clark's office and the Labour Research Unit"

A Ministry of Education report into a leak of information to Labour about the Government's new reading, writing and maths policy shows the leak was deliberate. The investigation has revealed that Labour actively sought information from the Ministry of Education staff member.

"This has not happened just once, but on at least three other occasions. There is clear evidence that this has been done at Labour's instigation.

"Labour's encouragement of a public servant to breach the Public Sector Code of Conduct has cost someone their job.

"This kind of underhand activity demonstrates the weakness of the Labour Party's commitment to an independent public service employed to provide free, frank, and fearless advice," Mr Creech said. "Their actions demonstrate a complete lack of ethical standards."