Labour Attack On Community Housing Initiatives "Ideology Gone Mad"

  • Tony Ryall
Housing New Zealand Ltd

Today's attack by the Labour Party on a Porirua charitable trust, that is looking to become involved in the community provision of low-income housing, has been labelled as ideology gone mad by Tony Ryall, Minister Responsible for Housing New Zealand Limited.

"This Government has a policy of selling some state houses to enable low income families to own their own homes, provide more houses where people want to live, get rid of out-dated buildings and allow community organisations to provide local solutions to local needs," Mr Ryall said.

"Labour wants communities like Porirua and Cannons Creek to be told what to do by suits in Lambton Quay. Quite frankly that is bizarre. We believe in local solutions to local needs." he said.

"For example, Housing New Zealand has reached an agreement with the Cannons Creek Fanau Centre, a community based non-profit making trust, that will ensure local people are able to play a greater role in the community's housing needs. Labour opposes such initiatives on purely ideological grounds."

"The Government is committed to a policy of income related assistance, and this year will provide housing assistance of an estimated $860 million, up 17 percent from the $736 million provided in 1996/97."

"Our policy gives low income earners more options as to where they live regardless of whether they rent homes from the private sector, state or are paying off a mortgage."

"It is a far fairer policy than Labour's antiquated, centrally planned policy, under which people can only live where the state lets them, under rules written and imposed by officials on Lambton Quay," Mr Ryall concluded.