Labour and Libertarians Out Of Touch On Burglary

  • Tony Ryall

"Labour leader, Helen Clark, and the civil libertarian movement are hopelessly out of touch with how seriously ordinary New Zealanders view burglary," Justice Minister, Tony Ryall, said today. "You have to question the promises on the credit card when Helen won't back moves targeting burglary and youth crime".

Yesterday National announced it will give the Police the power to seek compulsion orders to take DNA from burglary suspects.

"The Police tell us that burglars often leave blood, saliva, hairs and other evidence that, with new technology, can now be tested for DNA profiling. They also tell us DNA evidence can convict more burglars," said Tony Ryall.

"National's plan to give the Police the opportunity to use this new evidence to convict more burglars has drawn a vitriolic response from Labour and libertarian groups.

"Frankly, I think those people are woefully out of touch with views of ordinary New Zealanders who find burglary invasive, violating and abhorrent.

"National has made huge strides in law and order this year.

"We have introduced tough new bail laws - Labour subsequently announced its own diluted version. We announced we are developing a comprehensive new plan to deal with juvenile offenders - Labour announced it would allow juveniles to be fingerprinted, something the Police can already do! We introduced tougher penalties for violent home-invasions - Labour voted against them. We introduced undeniable victims' rights - Labour suddenly remembered victims after saying nothing all year. And, we announced our plan to cut the lifeblood from gangs by taking their drug money and assets off them.

"National has upped the ante on burglars by putting it right up there with the most serious offences. That is a conscious and deliberate decision.

"Helen Clark has had the opportunity to show just how seriously she takes burglary.

"Rather than listen to the Police, and support effective new measures, she has silenced her Justice Spokesman, Phil Goff, and decided to side with her trendy, ivory tower academic colleagues and ignore ordinary New Zealanders.

"Labour's alternative plan for burglary is to change ‘gramophone' to ‘stereo' in the Second Hand Dealers Act - hardly inspiring," said Mr Ryall.