Labour-Alliance’s Justice Team Has Nothing To Say On Tougher Sentences

  • Tony Ryall

"Labour-Alliance's Justice team, Matt Robson and Phil Goff, were deafeningly silent last week as report after report made it clear New Zealanders want tougher sentences for the worst criminals," Justice Minister, Tony Ryall, said today.

"It is telling that the Opposition spokesmen, who are usually falling over themselves to comment, have said nothing on tougher sentences.

"Through silence the Opposition hoped to avoid the tough questions like:

"Why didn't they vote to get rapists off the streets for longer?

"Why have they promised to reduce the maximum penalties for violent home-invasions?

"Why have they promised to reduce the minimum non-parole period for home-invasion murders from 13 years to 10 years?

"The politically-correct academics running Labour-Alliance are no doubt shocked to discover just how out of touch they have become with the feelings of ordinary New Zealanders.

"Nowhere is this more true than in their strident opposition to Government moves to increase sentences for the worst offenders," said Mr Ryall.