• Maurice Williamson
Research, Science and Technology

New Zealand's success in the global knowledge age will largely depend on projects such as those undertaken by the Cawthron Institute," the Minister of Research, Science and Technology Hon Maurice Williamson said today.

Mr Williamson was speaking at the official opening of the Cawthron Institute's Easterfield Wing in Nelson.

"Scientists and technologists are our knowledge workers and it will be their creative insight, skills and abilities applied to their own and the knowledge of others that will make innovations a reality," the Minister said.

"It will be knowledge workers in institutes such as Cawthron who will make the future happen.

"In a demonstration of knowledge age edge, a Cawthron Institute innovation has turned the threat of an invasion by the Underia kelp species into a marine food export opportunity for the Japanese, Korean and Chinese markets.

"Cawthron's international research collaborations add further strength to New Zealand's research base.

"The Institute's recognition that future increases in the value of seafood won't come from the harvest of wild fisheries but from aquaculture and fisheries enhancement is knowledge age thinking," said Mr Williamson.