Kiwis say public services better, more trustworthy

  • Jonathan Coleman
State Services

State Services Minister Jonathan Coleman says the latest Kiwis Count survey shows New Zealanders’ satisfaction with public services continues to rise.

“The government is committed to delivering better public services for New Zealanders, and ensuring our public services are more effective and efficient,” says Dr Coleman.

The Kiwis Count June 2013 Quarter results show that three services have significantly improved since March 2013, and trust in public servants ‘to do what is right’ increased from 67 points in 2007 to 77 points in 2013.

Overall satisfaction has steadily improved over the past six years. In the last 12 months, satisfaction with public services improved from 72 to 73 points.

“It is great to see that the latest Kiwis Count survey shows a steady increase in overall user satisfaction with public services, improving from a score of 68 in 2007 to 73 in the June 2013 quarter,” says Dr Coleman.

Kiwis Count is a valuable tool for the government to find out what New Zealanders feel about public services. It helps us to respond to people’s concerns and to address any key issues.

“Results from the government’s Better Public Services programme show we are making good progress on our challenging targets. Agencies are working together more effectively to deliver better value and better results. It is important to maintain this momentum as we need to continue making progress to deliver the improved services that New Zealanders expect.”