Keep safe over the holidays

  • Rick Barker
Civil Defence

Civil Defence Minister Rick Barker today urged New Zealanders to take some time to plan for the unexpected before starting their holidays.

“Recent disasters and emergencies in New Zealand and around the World have highlighted the need to look after ourselves and our families by preparing for the unexpected," said Rick Barker.

"It’s not just about being prepared at home but also about having a plan and keeping your family safe when you are on holiday.

“Be aware of the hazards that can affect the area you are holidaying in. Have you made plans for what you will do in the event of a storm or flood? How would you cope with being stranded away from home? Do you know where the local Civil Defence centres are located?”

Rick Barker says it’s a good idea to store a pair of walking shoes, waterproof jacket, essential medicines, snack food, water and a torch in your car.

There is helpful information on what to do to be better prepared at It’s also a good idea to get up to date roading information at before you set out.