Karori Recycling Depot Disturbing

  • Deborah Morris
Associate Minister for the Environment

Following a visit to her local recycling depot, Hon Deborah Morris today expressed concern about the success of recycling programmes in the Wellington Area.

"When visiting the Karori Recycling Depot in Curtis Street this morning, I discovered mountains of newspapers, cardboard boxes and plastics waiting to be collected for recycling. Last weekend the depot was full. This weekend it is overflowing.

"The appearance of the depot would put anybody of visiting it. It seems as though the recyclable waste is just sitting there instead of being processed. This is nor what Wellingtonians expect of their City Council administered recycling scheme.

"Consumers need to be conscious of not generating excessive waste in the first place, but that which is generated needs to be recycled whenever possible. This means that each of us has a responsibility to be aware of the waste stream and ensure we are not contributing to it excessively," Ms Morris said.

The material the Minister was delivering for recycling had been collected from Makara Beach yesterday. The beach is often littered with plastics and Ms Morris makes a point of collecting it when she can so that it can be disposed of appropriately.