Kapa haka captivates official Shanghai

  • John Delamare

The kapa haka group from Te Kura o Hoani Waititi performed to official acclaim in Shanghai last night before top-ranking political, municipal and educational authorities.

The group was supporting a New Zealand delegation of representatives from New Zealand universities, led by Immigration Minister, Hon Tuariki Delamere.

The delegation is part of a major New Zealand drive to attract Chinese students to New Zealand.

Last night, the delegation was hosted to a dinner by Mr Han Zheyi, a veteran of Chairman Mao's Long March, former Mayor of Shanghai and former Governor of China's eastern provinces.

In a speech at the dinner, Mr Delamere reiterated New Zealand's long-standing friendship with China and extolled the benefits for Chinese students of studying in New Zealand.

Today, Mr Delamere will hold meetings with the director of Shanghai's Public Security Bureau and will open the new visa office in Shanghai for the New Zealand Immigration Service.


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