Justice Minister launches book on human rights law in NZ

  • Hon Andrew Little

Justice Minister Andrew Little has launched an international human rights law book that will play an important role in the development of New Zealand law by reference to international human rights standards.

International Human Rights Law in Aotearoa New Zealand (2017, Thompson Reuters), will provide an important contribution to human rights legal scholarship in this country,” said Andrew Little.

“General Editors Margaret Bedggood, Kris Gledhill and Ian McIntosh set themselves the challenging task of writing an authoritative text.

“It is intended to be an expert source that can be cited in courts and be the book of choice for human rights issues. It’s also aimed at being the book of choice for human rights courses, and will be accessible to both academics and practitioners. The General Editors of the book are Margaret Bedggood, Kris Gledhill and Ian McIntosh.

“New Zealanders can rightly be proud of our global reputation for upholding fundamental human right but we can always do more. It’s an honour to launch this educational resource from Parliament and I welcome the important conversation this useful book should spark,” said Andrew Little.