Jacinda Ardern congratulates Scott Morrison

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has today congratulated Scott Morrison on winning the leadership of the Australian Liberal Party and has acknowledged outgoing Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

 "I spoke to Mr Morrison this afternoon to offer my congratulations. It was a warm conversation and I look forward to meeting properly in the future," says Ms Ardern.

 “Mr Morrison is familiar with New Zealand from his time working for New Zealand tourism and I’m sure that history will be really helpful as we build our relationship.

 “Australia is New Zealand’s most important partner. We enjoy close ties in all areas of our relationship, including on trade, economic, defence and security matters and we cooperate closely in our region and on the international stage.  I am looking forward to working with Mr Morrison to advance that.

"I would also like to acknowledge the positive relationship I have had with Malcolm Turnbull. He was instrumental in putting in place the Pathway to Citizenship, which has allowed many New Zealanders to regularise their status in Australia.

"I am confident that the close and unique relationship between New Zealand and Australia will continue under Mr Morrison’s leadership.  He has close ties with New Zealand, from his period living and working here – a great example of the value of the free movement of people across the Tasman."