• Winston Peters
Deputy Prime Minister

Richard Prebble has proved beyond doubt the adage that 'the trouble with publishing is that too many with half a mind to write a book, do so,' says Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Winston Peters.

The jilted grey political loser said he took seven days to write his first book. His latest effort looks as though it took him the weekend.

Even journalists known for their friendly bias towards Mr Prebble are saying this effort looks turgid.

I've been thinking is just another egotistical charade from start to finish written by another reject skulking around the fringes of academia from the Oxford Union.

Mr Prebble claims his first book was a best seller, but that's puffery. ACT made a bulk purchase, and in a cynical use of the Electoral Act, employed the book for promotional purposes in the build up to the last elections, not that it did the multi-million cost party any good.

This book is a tissue of fabrications from a man who:

used public money to help the campaign of a Labour Party activist running for the Auckland Regional Authority (reference Auckland Star 27.9.88)

stands to cost New Zealand taxpayers millions of dollars over his involvement in Equiticorp

stands to cost New Zealanders millions more than they needed to because of his involvement in Ministerial accommodation ( reference Dominion 21.9.88, Sunday Star 23.7.89, NZ Herald 18.12.90)

said he was going to 'Save the Rail,' then Ruth, ACT's latest acquisition, sold it in July 1993 for a song (reference Evening Post 7.11.88)

claims to lead a party that has made much of the cost of government but was himself, one of the most profligate ministerial spenders of all time when in government

attacked a colleague of mine for living in a modest ministerial home, whilst ignoring the fact that when he was a Minister, he lived in state supplied accommodation worth more than $9.2 million

sees nothing wrong in claiming to be the MP for Wellington Central when his home address is given as Titirangi, Auckland. How much his travel home to feed the dog 'Gus' costs us taxpayers, Heaven knows
There is nothing so pathetic in politics as watching 'an old man in a hurry.

Having destroyed one party, he is well on the way to destroying another. On that score, I wish him the greatest success.

Mr Prebble has named his book What happens next for an obvious reason: he is sincerely asking.