IT Tick For Project Of The Century

  • Maurice Williamson
Research, Science and Technology

The information technology sector and the Ministry of Research Science and Technology's Foresight Project are now working together, Minister for Information Technology and of Research, Science & Technology Hon Maurice Williamson announced today.

Mr Williamson was responding to a recent media report that the deadline for submissions for the Foresight Project had passed with little response from the IT sector, other than that provided by the Software Association.

More than 100 sectors, made up of a wide range of business and social organisations, have submitted strategies highlighting their visions for the year 2010 and how these might be achieved. These strategies are now being compiled into a set of target outcomes that will define research, science and technology priorities from the year 2000 onwards.

"I have assured the Information Technology Association of New Zealand (ITANZ) of the importance I place on their sector's contribution to Foresight and I am delighted that they are now contributing," the Minister said.

"I can say with total confidence the IT sector is now part of the Foresight Project, which is one of the most important planning projects undertaken in New Zealand this century.

"I have asked my Information Technology Advisory Group (ITAG) to co-ordinate the IT Sector Foresight input with the Computer Society, TUANZ, ITANZ and the Internet Society.

"Foresight is about management, leadership and priorities, and it's about identifying and taking advantage of future opportunities. Through Foresight we can identify priorities, and generate throughout society an appreciation of our future research, science and technology needs.

"Foresight can help us create the best future for ourselves, involving all sectors, and both private and public sector investment," Mr Williamson said.