IT Access Made Easier for Women

  • Deborah Morris
Associate Minister of Women's Affairs

Access to computer technology and information has been made easier as a result of a new initiative by the YWCA. The Minister of Youth Affairs and Associate Minister of Women's Affairs, Deborah Morris, today officially opened a new public access computer facility for the YWCA of Wellington and the Hutt Valley.

"Information technology is well and truly here and looks set to be the way we will work in the future. Access to information and communication, together with the chance to learn new skills, will open up paths that have not previously been available to some women.

"Research by the YWCA identified that women want to understand technology so that they can help their children understand it. Some women said they wanted to access the vast array of information that is available through the internet. Many of the women spoken to by the YWCA said that computer skills are vital tools for employment. The new YWCA public access computer will assist women to empower themselves to join the information superhighway.

"For too long boys and men have dominated computers and the information superhighway. Only by learning and utilising new skills will women ensure that they are able to continue to fight for an equal footing," said Deborah Morris.

The YWCA Public Access Computer is available at the YWCA Building, 35 Vivian St, Wellington.