International crime cooperation laws report welcomed

  • Amy Adams

Justice Minister Amy Adams has today tabled the Law Commission’s report on modernising New Zealand’s Extradition and Mutual Assistance laws.

The report is a first principles review of the Extradition Act and the Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act, which enable New Zealand authorities to co-operate with other countries to investigate and prosecute crime.

“To combat cross-border crime, it’s vital that all countries improve international criminal co-operation efforts and respond effectively to the challenges that globalisation and advances in technology pose,” Ms Adams says.

“We asked for a first principles review of the two laws because we wanted to take a look at whether our legislation was operating efficiently and effectively, while ensuring that essential human rights are safeguarded.”

At the Government’s request, the Law Commission reviewed the relevant laws and has suggested reform to ensure that New Zealand has modern, fit-for-purpose extradition and mutual assistance regimes that ensure that New Zealand values are protected.

The Law Commission has concluded that both acts are complex and convoluted statutes and fail to come to grips with the realities of New Zealand’s place within a globalised environment. It recommended that both acts be replaced.

Ms Adams says the Government will consider the recommendations of both reports and respond in due course.

The Law Commission’s report can be found on the Law Commission’s website: