Interactive tool to help get Kiwis more active

  • Jonathan Coleman
Health Sport and Recreation

Sport and Recreation Minister Jonathan Coleman welcomes Sport NZ’s new online tool which will help communities and the sector to better understand local needs and allow the sector to plan for future demand.

“Sport NZ’s interactive Insights Tool will enable users to develop a better understanding of New Zealand’s changing population and the different ways people are participating in sport and recreation,” says Dr Coleman.

“The Insights Tool combines sport, recreation, health, population and schools data. With this information users, both the public and the sector, can better understand what’s happening at a local level throughout the country. This will help the sector to deliver the sport and recreation opportunities Kiwis want.

“Participation in sport leads to a more active, healthier population and ultimately better social outcomes. Tackling the rising rates of obesity is a key priority for the Government, and we’re one of a few OECD countries with an obesity target and a comprehensive programme to support it.

“Maintaining and increasing participation rates in sport is a key part of Sport NZ’s Strategic Plan and Community Sport Strategy – this interactive tool will help the sector to deliver on this.”

The Insights Tool is accessed through the Sport NZ website, and has been developed in response to a call from the sector for quality data. A public version of the tool contains demographic and trend information from Statistics NZ and information from the schools census.

A second version, tailored for the sector, will be rolled out regionally over the next 12 months. It has restricted access and contains information on participation and trends and other metrics, with training provided by Sport NZ to help users interpret the data.

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