Insulation programme reaches 150,000 houses

  • Phil Heatley
Energy and Resources

The Government’s programme to help insulate New Zealand homes has now reached the milestone of 150,000 insulated homes, Energy and Resources Minister Phil Heatley announced today.

“Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart is making a real difference to the lives of New Zealanders,” Mr Heatley said.

“Each of those 150,000 homes now insulated represents an average of between two and three New Zealanders, so we can be confident that around 450,000 New Zealanders are now better off.

“Insulated homes are easier and cheaper to heat to healthy temperatures. Warmer homes mean fewer visits to the doctor, and greater productivity with less need to take time off work or school.

“The programme is also a key part of our Relationship Accord with the Māori Party and our Memorandum of Understanding with the Green Party, and I thank them for their respective contributions.”

The Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart scheme is run by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA). It offers funding to homes built before the year 2000 to help homeowners get their ceiling or underfloor insulated.

“The programme has made New Zealanders aware of the benefits of insulation, and increased demand for it,” Mr Heatley said.

“Many groups and individuals have contributed to the success of the programme. Manufacturers, installers and auditors have helped to deliver a quality product and service, while councils, banks and charitable trusts have assisted in overcoming the cost barrier by offering funding and payment options.

“They can all be proud of the milestone reached today.”

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