Installation Of Smoke Alarms Nearly Complete

  • Tony Ryall
Housing New Zealand Ltd

Housing New Zealand Minister Tony Ryall released figures today which showed that Housing New Zealand had nearly completed its programme of installing smoke alarms into HNZ homes.

"Towards the end of last year HNZ began the process of installing smoke alarms into its 60,000 homes around the country.

"As at the end of March, around 55,000 homes have had smoke alarms installed and the company expects the installation project to be substantially completed by the end of May this year.

"Smoke alarms are a proven way of reducing the risks associated with fires and I am delighted that HNZ has undertaken this initiative to increase the safety of its tenants.

"Around 200 tenants have declined to have the alarms installed. However, HNZ will continue to make the alarms available to all current and new tenants," said Mr Ryall.

The alarms are an ionisation type with a ten year lithium battery. On Fire Service advice HNZ has installed three or four alarms in most homes. The total cost of the alarms and installation is around $9 million.