Inspection of state homes in worst hit areas of Christchurch complete

  • Phil Heatley
Housing Earthquake Recovery

Housing New Zealand (HNZ) has inspected all of its homes in the areas of Christchurch most affected by the Christchurch earthquake, says Housing Minister Phil Heatley.

HNZ has over 50 staff on the ground in Christchurch working in communities, checking on tenants and assessing the safety of homes. It has completed checks on more than 4500 homes including 2,600 in the eastern suburbs, and other areas badly affected by February’s earthquake.

Of these 2600 state homes, nearly 500 homes showed some significant structural damage, 100 homes were deemed uninhabitable with around 20 seemingly damaged beyond repair.

HNZ is finding new accommodation for those tenants made homeless as a priority. Around 30 state tenant families have chosen to leave Christchurch and be housed elsewhere in the country on temporary tenancies.

"During the course of the inspections, it became clear to HNZ that damage in the suburb of Shirley warranted an extension of the rent relief scheme. Consequently all HNZ tenants in Shirley will pay no rent between 22 February and 15 March," says Mr Heatley.

"HNZ will continue to check on the remainder of its more than 6000 homes in Christchurch over the coming week. More minor repair work is already well under way with more than 2600 jobs let out to contractors (NB. One house could require multiple jobs).

"Tenant safety is an important focus for HNZ. More than 18,000 people live in state homes in Christchurch, and we want to ensure those who remain in them, are living in properties that are structurally safe," Mr Heatley said.

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