Inquiry commences into State sector productivity

  • Steven Joyce

Finance Minister Steven Joyce has welcomed the release of the Productivity Commission’s issues paper for its new inquiry into measuring and improving the productivity and efficiency of core public services in the State sector.

“It is important that those delivering core public services maintain a constant focus on lifting the productivity of their sectors,” Mr Joyce says. “I expect that government agencies will be willing partners and work closely with the Productivity Commission to support this inquiry.”

“As a result of Budget 2017 an additional $7 billion will be spent in public services for New Zealanders over the next four years. These are big numbers. It’s crucial that we chase and achieve productivity gains from all of our expenditure just as the private sector does.”

“One of the core aims of this inquiry is the development of state sector productivity measures that are both useful and used. Measurement is crucial for decision-makers at all levels to be able to understand and demonstrate the value that is being delivered, as well as to identify where we can do better.

“It is my expectation that public services continue to focus on lifting productivity so we can do more to help New Zealanders with each dollar of taxpayers’ money.

“I look forward to seeing the valuable contribution that government agencies and other stakeholders make to this inquiry.”

The paper Measuring and Improving State Sector Productivity is available HERE.

The closing date for submissions is 8 September 2017.