Information campaign for NZ Super Fund

  • Michael Cullen

2 November 2001Media Statement
Information campaign for New Zealand Super Fund

"The Cabinet has approved funding for a publicity campaign to inform the public on the structure and purpose of the proposed New Zealand Superannuation Fund," Finance Minister Michael Cullen announced today.

"The decision is in line with a recommendation from the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee and should be welcomed by the National Party as it picks up on a challenge from Bill English in the House on 24 July during debate on the New Zealand Superannuation Bill.

"Mr English said: Let the government get the graphs out and get out on the road and on television. Let the government get the millions of dollars it has spent on other publicity campaigns and use those funds to tell people about the policy on superannuation.

"He is right. The New Zealand Superannuation Fund is one of the biggest and most significant policies enacted by the New Zealand Parliament in many years.
It carries big implications for fiscal management, and for the level of security New Zealanders can expect in retirement. It is important people know what is involved," Dr Cullen said.

The campaign had a budget of around $1 million and would be run from the Treasury in accordance with the Cabinet Office's Guidelines for Government Advertising.

It would be strictly informational in nature, was scheduled for the first half of next year and would feature a household leaflet drop supported by television advertisements.

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