Industry cluster grants benefit Auckland region

  • Judith Tizard
Auckland Issues

Judith Tizard has welcomed the news that four industry clusters in Auckland are to benefit from Economic Development Minister Jim Anderton’s announcement today of $562,000 from Industry New Zealand.

The Minister for Auckland Issues says the four Auckland clusters cover a range of industries and highlight the region’s strengths in areas such as computing technologies and creative industries.

“Film Auckland is a screen production attraction initiative aimed at generating foreign direct investment by attracting internationally financed film projects. A promotional DVD was launched in September as part of a formal partnership between Auckland City Council, Waitakere City Council and Enterprise Waitakere.

“Modus Operandi is a young and energetic cluster specialising in the management, production, marketing, distribution and representation of new and emerging New Zealand fashion designers. The cluster will take 30 new designers and assist in marketing and production.

“Waitakere and Rodney Organics, an integral part of the Waitakere City and Rodney District Councils’ economic development strategies, hopes to increase the export opportunities for its member companies and seek partnerships with other organics clusters throughout NZ.

“Archimides, involving commercial companies as well as research institutes and universities in New Zealand and strong links to overseas expertise and networks, aims to research and apply novel intelligent computing technologies principally related to the disabled, aged and educational markets and develop and commercialise products from these new technologies.

“The Auckland region will benefit from the work of these clusters which are closely aligned with the Auckland Regional Economic Development Strategy and the government’s Growth and Innovation strategy,” said Judith Tizard.

The Industry Clusters will receive $28,125 each to engage a facilitator. The facilitators will work to share expertise, identify common goals, and develop shared supplier and marketing information so that the individual businesses in the cluster can all prosper.

More information is available on the Industry New Zealand website.