Industrial Relations Leaks "Half-Baked"

  • Max Bradford

Labour Minister Max Bradford, responding to a media release on industrial relations by Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Winston Peters, said he had discussed these matters with Mr Peters before he released his media statement.

"I have considerable sympathy with Mr Peters concerns about half-baked leaks from somebody in the officials' network who has clear political intent," Mr Bradford said.

"The package of proposed reforms are consistent with the Coalition Agreement, and there has already been substantial discussion on them.

"Consultation has taken place with New Zealand First on a number of levels, including with Mr Peters, Peter Brown and a number of other Government MPs and Ministers.

"I have little doubt that we will be able to satisfy Mr Peters' concerns."

Mr Bradford said that on the question of the leaks, he would be asking for the State Services Commission to conduct a full and thorough investigation.

"As Minister of Labour, I am particularly concerned that half-baked leaks have been unsettling for workers and employers at a time when the Government is still working through the issues," he said.