An independent fiscal institution for New Zealand

  • Hon Grant Robertson
  • Hon James Shaw

Public consultation will be launched in August on establishing an independent body to better inform public debate in our democracy, Associate Finance Minister James Shaw announced today.

“We are pleased to take forward a Green Party idea developed before the last election to see a body formed which could provide all political parties with independent, non-partisan costings on their policies,” says James Shaw.

“That way we can reduce political point-scoring and attempts to create unreasonable doubt about a party’s policy figures. That will mean better debate about the ideas being put forward.

“We are proposing a new institution independent of Ministers that would provide the public with an assessment of government forecasts and cost political parties’ policies,” says Grant Robertson.

“This independent fiscal institution (IFI) would crunch the numbers on political parties’ election policies in a credible and consistent way,” says James Shaw.

IFIs have existed in many OECD countries for a number of decades and 26 of the 35 OECD countries now have one.


“We are keen to hear people’s views about the possible functions the new institution might undertake and how it could be established,” says Grant Robertson.