Increases for selected fish stocks show success of QMS

  • Nathan Guy
Primary Industries

Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy has today announced increases to catch limits for a range of New Zealand fisheries, thanks to healthy stock levels.

“These decisions today reflect the success of the Quota Management System (QMS), which is recognised as world leading. It is driven by science and responsive to change, which means that as stocks improve we can increase our sustainable take”, says Mr Guy.

Healthy stocks have led to increased Total Allowable Catch (TAC) limits for Hoki 1, Ling 5, Ling 7, Orange Roughy 3B, Scampi 2, Kingfish 7, Leatherjacket 3, Oyster 4 and Sea Perch 1.

“For several stocks, such as Ling 6, Bluenose 1, 2, 3, 7 and 8 and Snapper 7, I have decided to maintain the current TAC.

“Most of these fisheries are deep water and utilised mainly by commercial fishers, however there have been a number of small increases to some recreational allowances as well.

“The aim of my decisions with these fish stocks mirrors my recent announcement regarding the Snapper 1 fishery. We need to ensure we have healthy, sustainable stocks that will provide for our children and grandchildren.

“Once again the majority of submissions agree with the principle that we must exercise caution and rebuild fish stocks where we need to. However where stocks are increasing we can comfortably increase catches without adversely impacting on the future sustainability of those stocks.

“The fishing industry is very important for New Zealand’s economy, generating around $1.5 billion per year in export revenue and creating many jobs,” says Mr Guy.

Detailed information on the Minister’s decisions, including copies of his decision letters and Final Advice Papers are available on the Ministry for Primary Industries website via the following link Also available is the Snapper 1 decision letter and Final Advice Paper.