Increased funding to support volunteering

  • Jo Goodhew
Community and Voluntary Sector

Community and Voluntary Sector Minister Jo Goodhew today announced a reallocation of funding from the Community Internship Programme to the Support for Volunteering Fund.

“Two of the Government’s priorities for the community and voluntary sector are to build, acknowledge and celebrate the hard work of volunteers and to work with the volunteering sector to lift the support for volunteers,” Mrs Goodhew said.

“This reallocation of funding is a step towards achieving those goals.”

The Support for Volunteering Fund has been increased by $100,000. The Fund previously had an annual budget of $402,000 which was always fully allocated. The Community Internship Programme had a budget of $331,000 per year but often did not receive enough quality applications to fully allocate its funding.

“The reallocated funding will be used to support Volunteering New Zealand and local and regional volunteer centres. These organisations play an important role in achieving the Government’s priorities of acknowledging and celebrating volunteering and strengthening professional support for volunteers.”

Mrs Goodhew has also asked the Department of Internal Affairs to look at how the appropriations for seven community funding schemes are arranged to enable more flexibility to respond to community needs.

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