Increase in MSD clients using online services

  • Anne Tolley
Social Development

Social Development Minister Anne Tolley says more MSD clients are now accessing online services, making it easier for them to get the support they need.

“We know that New Zealanders want more control of the services they receive including access to more online services at a time and place that suits them,” says Mrs Tolley.

“MSD continues to expand its online services and clients can now manage transactional appointments, update personal details, view letters, declare wages earned, and receive medical certificate reminders online.

“Around 60 per cent of all declarations are now made online – that’s 11,000 people each week not having to travel or call a service centre. Over 37 per cent of client changes in circumstances are also made online.

“E-lodged medical certificates are making a huge difference. Currently 87 per cent of work-capacity medical certificates are lodged online – that’s 6,000 fewer people per week having to travel to a service centre to drop off a medical certificate.

“Over 370,000 clients are now registered with MyMSD and usage has continued to grow with over 7 million client log-ons since September 2015. Around 60 per cent of all working-age clients now have online accounts.

“As a result of MSD’s expanded online services case managers have more time to focus on people rather than on administration. Online services are also helping to ensure that people get their correct entitlements and don’t get over-payed.”

MSD’s simplification programme is part of the Government’s Better Public Services Result 10 – people having easy access to public services.