Improved Resource For Gifted And Talented New Zealand Students

  • Rodney Hide

It will now be easier for parents and schools to access information on providers of gifted and talented education following the launch of a redesigned website today, Associate Minister of Education Rodney Hide said.  

“The Ministry of Education’s 'Gifted and Talented Online' website provides a central place for best practice, research and smart tools for building the capability of gifted and talented students, Mr Hide said.

"The website will continue to update its central list of gifted and talented service providers to improve parental choice and to ensure parents and schools are working with the most up to date information available.

“Gifted and talented does not only mean academic success.  We are a nation of academic, artistic, cultural and sporting achievers.  Every child should be given the chance to succeed.

“It is critical that we provide schools, teachers, parents and the students themselves with the information, resources, and support networks to both identify and provide for New Zealand’s gifted and talented young people.  'Gifted and Talented Online' will be a valuable tool in this area,” Mr Hide said.

For more information, please visit the Gifted and Talented Online website: