• Maurice Williamson
Information Technology

The report, "Impact 2001" Learning with Information Technology - The Issues, was released today by the Minister for
Information Technology, Hon Maurice Williamson.

Impact 2001, follows on from the 1996 report "How Information Technology Will Change New Zealand," which looked at the
emerging knowledge society.

"This latest report highlights the issues facing New Zealand's education system as it seeks to meet the challenge of preparing our
children for the 21st century," the Minister said

"Driven by rapid technology change and globalisation, the Knowledge Revolution is sweeping through New Zealand and is
challenging us to change traditional mindsets in every aspect of society.

"This challenge is greatest for our education sector.

"For this country to continue to be a high technology country with a good standard of living, New Zealanders must be people
who have, and know how to use, knowledge. Physical labour alone can no longer provide the kind of rewards which we

"I urge New Zealanders, within and outside the education sector, to consider how we must change our education system to
meet our needs into the next millennium," Mr Williamson said.

The report is available on the internet at