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Judith Collins

19 February, 2013

Human Rights Review Tribunal members appointed

Justice Minister Judith Collins today announced the appointment of three new members to the Human Rights Review Tribunal panel.

“I am pleased to announce the new panel members are Gillian Goodwin, Deborah Hart, and Katherine Anderson, all appointed for a five year term.

“Each of the new members brings valuable experience to their role. They will contribute significantly to the work of the Tribunal,” Ms Collins said.

The Human Rights Review Tribunal reviews cases where an applicant is dissatisfied with the outcome of any complaints dealt with by the Human Rights Commission, the Privacy Commissioner or the Health and Disability Commissioner. Each case is heard by the chairperson and two panel members, though deputy chairpersons may be appointed to hear some cases.

The Tribunal comprises a chairperson and a panel of up to 20 members, appointed by the Minister of Justice. The new appointments bring the number of panel members to 14, not including Chairperson Rodger Haines QC.


Gillian Goodwin is an Auckland lawyer specialising in corporate and commercial law with a focus on securities law and finance.

Deborah Hart is a Wellington-based executive director of the Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute.

Katherine Anderson is a Wellington lawyer with extensive experience in private and public law with a strong background in governance and process.

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