Human Rights Proceedings Director Appointed

Justice Minister Andrew Little has announced the appointment of Michael Timmins as the Director of Human Rights Proceedings.

“Mr Timmins is an experienced human rights lawyer.  I have every confidence that his legal skills coupled with his unique background and experiences will ensure that he successfully leads the Office for the next five years.

Michael Timmins is an expert in international human rights law. He’s been working as a consultant and barrister in Auckland and Sydney since 2015. His areas of practice include administrative law, extradition, intellectual property, privacy, refugee and immigration law and non-profit governance. He has worked in Egypt, the United States, Australia, Thailand, Pakistan and New Zealand across roles in advocacy, academia and government.

He is also a member of the Child Poverty Action Group’s management committee and became a trustee for the Auckland Refugee Family Trust in 2015. Mr Timmins holds an LLM from the University of Michigan and an LLB/ BA from the University of Auckland.

The Office of the Human Rights Proceedings is an independent body within the Human Rights Commission. The director heads the Office which is responsible for providing publicly funded representation to complainants in proceedings under the Human Rights Act 1993.

The decisions on whether representation is provided are guided by criteria in legislation.

Mr Timmins’s appointment follows the expiration of the term of the incumbent Director, Robert Kee.

“I would like to thank Mr Kee for able leadership of the Office of Human Rights Proceedings since 2012 and wish him all the best,” says Mr Little.