Huge milestone for recycling used oil

  • Scott Simpson

Collecting and using waste oil as an alternative fuel source to diesel, light fuel oil and gas in Fulton Hogan’s asphalt production plants throughout New Zealand is a tremendous achievement, Associate Environment Minister Scott Simpson says.

“The Recovering Oil Saves the Environment (R.O.S.E.) product stewardship scheme shows Fulton Hogan is a company with a typical kiwi approach. Fulton Hogan, along with partners Salters Cartage and Petroleum Services have collected and used 2.5 million litres of used lubricating oil this year – that’s no small achievement,” Mr Simpson says.

“I am delighted to see the huge progress made by the members of this voluntary product stewardship scheme. It is a great example of a forward thinking business being innovative and using a waste stream as a resource.”

“What is particularly important is seeing how Fulton Hogan has helped other businesses improve their practices to protect the environment. Getting garage owners to tidy up their backlog of oils and dispose of the old drums in various states of repair, along with developing a double skinned igloo site tank for oil storage on the garage sites shows a real sense of environmental responsibility.

“Under the Waste Minimisation Act, I can accredit product stewardship schemes that meet the criteria for reducing waste and environmental harm. I commend the R.O.S.E. scheme members for making a positive difference and encourage other organisations and industries to seek accreditation so they too can receive the environmental and economic benefits of product stewardship.”

Further information on product stewardship and the Waste Minimisation Fund is available from