Huge ACC Savings For SOEs

  • Tony Ryall
State Owned Enterprises

SOE Minister Tony Ryall today announced that the SOE sector would be making significant savings as a result of the Government's new workplace accident insurance plan.

"By taking advantage of their new freedom to choose an insurer, the eighteen SOEs and Housing New Zealand will between them be saving over $4 million in the coming year. The value to the taxpayer of these ongoing savings is around $50 million.

"Many of the larger SOEs are seeing savings that run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars," said Mr Ryall.

"Most SOEs are saving around a half of workplace insurance bills under the old system.

"All SOEs have been able to reduce their workplace insurance bill. And, the response from them has been extremely positive about the increased flexibility and incentives to create safer working environments that the new plan brings.

"This means that not only are the SOEs as employers winning from the new plan but employees too will see the benefit of a stronger focus on safety and rehabilitation," Mr Ryall concluded.