Housing New Zealand Minister Warns Tenants Not To Fill Out Labour’s Survey

  • Tony Ryall
Housing New Zealand Ltd

Housing New Zealand Minister, Tony Ryall, today warned HNZ tenants not to fill out the survey form Labour has been secretly circulating to them (copy attached).

"The information Labour is collecting could be used to help Labour decide who would get a state house and who would be ‘encouraged' to move on, if Labour ever got into Government.

"Labour's Housing policy is to subsidise state house tenants at the expense of low income families renting privately.

"It's unfair and undemocratic.

"Labour's policy would create massive waiting lists, meaning too few houses would be available for those in genuine need.

"In February 1989, then Housing Minister, Helen Clark, introduced a rationing scheme for state houses based on tenants rent and income.

"Labour would want to reintroduce some kind of rationing system, and the information they hope to receive from this survey would no doubt be used for this purpose.

"I intend to release figures in the next few days showing just how large a problem Labour's Housing policy caused the last time Labour was in power.

"Those figures will be of grave concern to all low income New Zealanders.