Holidays A Two Way Thing

  • Max Bradford
Enterprise and Commerce

The CTU call for changes to the Holidays Act are welcome but they need to play their part as well, according to Max Bradford, Minister of Enterprise and Commerce.

Mr Bradford was commenting on a union report claiming that the Government should change the Holidays Act to "Mondayize"
Boxing Day this year which falls in the weekend, so giving employees another day's holiday.

"The Government is prepared to consider this, but the proposal carries with it a wider package to improve the working of the Holidays Act in other ways as well. What the Labour Party, and their union backers in the CTU, want are changes to the Holidays
Act that will add costs to employers and reduce the chances for employees to choose whether or not they enjoy a public holiday or can take their pay instead as cash rather than a holiday" said Mr Bradford.

"As soon as the CTU comes to the party and is prepared to restore a choice employees had under many old national awards, and that is to choose between taking the holiday or the money, the sooner we are likely to be able to find a solution."

"The simple fact is that the unions and the Labour Party are trying prevent employees having the choice, which used to be a right, in how they enjoy their holiday entitlements. The Government has guaranteed the public holiday entitlements and well as the 3 weeks minimum holiday entitilements, and will continue to do so."