Hit the road Jim

  • Maurice Williamson

"The Alliance leader clearly can't tell the difference between good and bad advice fortunately others can," Transport Minister Hon Maurice Williamson said today.

Mr Williamson was commenting on the leak today of a discarded consultants report on future roading policy. "Mr Anderton has leapt on the information contained in this report without doing some calculations of his own. If he had his conclusions would have been the same as the Ministry of Transport officials who commissioned the report.

"It is seriously flawed and doesn't have legs. "I have never seen the report and neither has Government. "When Government makes its Roading Policy announcement in six weeks time it will be very clear we are building a better transport - better roads system for all New Zealanders.

"Television New Zealand ran a story tonight that has misrepresented the truth to create headlines and has not served its professional journalistic purpose of reporting facts. "The reporter was made fully aware of the fate of the roading document, yet disregarded the facts to brighten up what must have been a slow Sunday," Mr Williamson said.