Historic Places Trust decision on new Parliamentary Building

  • Don McKinnon
Foreign Affairs and Trade

The Parliamentary Services Commission has been advised of the fact of the Historic Places Trust decision to register Broadcasting House on its list of historic places - but the Commission is yet to received a response to its submissions and expert opinion given to the Trust, the Rt Hon Don McKinnon said tonight.

Given that submissions from interested groups only closed a week ago (Friday 6 December), I am surprised at the speed of the Historic Places Trusts decision, Mr McKinnon said.

The Trust has noted that Broadcasting House has some importance in terms of the activities that take place inside the building, but there is no suggestion it has any architectural merit.

Mr McKinnon said that as noted by the Trust registration is only a process of notification and classification. This is separate from any protection processes which have not been instituted.

The Trust had not sought to place a heritage order on the building, and therefore there is no legal barrier to its demolition.

Once the full decision is received from the Trust, the Parliamentary Services Commission will consider it.

The Commissions application for planning consent to build the new Parliamentary building on some of the land currently occupied by Broadcasting House was currently with the Wellington City Council.