Historic Climate Change Deal Struck

  • Tim Groser
Climate Change Issues

Minister for Climate Change Issues Tim Groser welcomes the conclusion of a new global agreement at the Paris conference on climate change.

“The agreement is a huge and historic step forward,” says Mr Groser.

“This is the first truly global agreement on climate change. All countries are committing to take ambitious action.

“We can’t underestimate the significance of 185 countries making emission reduction pledges over the course of this year. The Paris Agreement banks these. While they collectively won’t solve global warming in one hit, the new agreement sets up a process for regular, 5 yearly, updates. This sets the world on a clear pathway to a lower-carbon future.

“New Zealand’s 2030 target, to reduce emissions to 30 percent below 2005 levels, is a strong contribution to this global effort.”

Industrialised countries have committed to continue to help vulnerable countries address climate change.

“At the Conference, the Prime Minister announced New Zealand would provide up to $200m in climate finance, particularly for Pacific Island countries, over the next four years,” says Mr Groser.

“As a resource dependent and export dependent economy, New Zealand needs an effective global response to climate change.  The agreement reached today serves New Zealand’s interests well.

“The success in bridging seemingly impossible divides is entirely due to the incredible diplomatic efforts of France in bringing this deal together.”