Hikoi Marchers to Stay at Waiouru

  • Max Bradford

Defence Minister Max Bradford says participants in the Hikoi of Hope are welcome to spend a night at the Army marae at Waiouru.

Mr Bradford said the Defence Forces had earlier declined a request from the Anglican Church for accommodation at the marae for Hikoi of Hope participants on 23 September.

"It had been felt that the Armed Forces should stand aside from anything that could be seen as involvement in political activities," Mr Bradford said.

"However, on reflection, the Hikoi goes beyond party politics and is about issues that affect all New Zealanders. I have therefore asked the Army to provide overnight accommodation at the Marae for the expected 100 people participating in this section of the Hikoi."

Mr Bradford said the Anglican Church's Hikoi of Hope provided an opportunity for everyone to focus on the social services already being delivered to those who most need help.

"The real challenge for all of us - the Anglican Church and its bishops included - is to match our concerns with solutions that our nation can afford."