Higher Employment Rate for Ethnic Communities

  • George Hawkins
Ethnic Affairs

Minister for Ethnic Affairs Hon George Hawkins has highlighted a significant reduction in unemployment among those from Ethnic communities.

George Hawkins has addressed the New Zealand Federal of Ethnic Council's Employment Conference on positive employment trends.

"Unemployment among Ethnic New Zealanders has fallen to 8.1 per cent, down from 9.7 per cent a year ago. That's a significant reduction in unemployment," George Hawkins said.

The Labour Alliance Government remains committed to ensuring more people are able to participate in New Zealand's growing economy.

"The Government is working to ensure opportunity exists for all New Zealanders, whether they were born in this country or have decided to make New Zealand their home, George Hawkins said.

Those attending the Employment Conference in Hamilton discussed how skilled migrant job seekers can make the most of employment opportunities throughout New Zealand.

"We have a lot of very talented migrants who want to find work here in New Zealand. They offer a wealth of experience, energy and a strong work ethic," George Hawkins said.

Recently the Government announced the allocation of more than $674,000 for piloting support services to help new resident migrants in New Zealand. The support services are designed to improve access to information, employment and business support, and community learning.

"Ethnic unemployment is falling. The economy is growing and that is helping more Ethnic New Zealanders to find employment.

"The Labour Alliance Government is committed to advancing opportunities for all New Zealanders. This is important if we are to drive Ethnic unemployment down even further," George Hawkins said.