HIF funding delivers more affordable housing

  • Phil Heatley

Housing Minister Phil Heatley has announced the latest round of Housing Innovation Fund (HIF) application successes.

"Funding for the four projects based in Christchurch and Auckland will result in 20 new houses for New Zealanders on low to moderate incomes, or with special housing needs," says Mr Heatley.

"The three projects will combine Government funding of $2.6 million with private funding of $5.5 million to provide at least an additional 20 houses for the social housing sector.

"Successful applications include funding for a family home for single elderly people and two grants made under a Maori Demonstration Partnership which will result in 19 new houses to be used as affordable rentals for families and whanau," says Mr Heatley.

Pukaki Ahu Whenua Trust will build 10 houses in Mangere providing long term affordable rental accommodation for low to middle income families on Maori freehold land.

"This housing development will enable individual families and whanau to maintain autonomy, while still having access to both semi private and communal outdoor living areas, and remaining connected to the Marae facilities," says Mr Heatley.

The Pukaki Ahu Whenua Trust development combines Government funding of $1,540,000 with private funding of $2,026,797.

The Nga Hau e Wha development will see nine houses built on Maori land in Christchurch that will be leased back to Housing New Zealand under the Home Lease Programme.

The Nga Hau e Wha development will receive Government funding of $550,000 and privately fund $1,889,760.

Mr Heatley says another innovative social housing project is the Selwyn Foundation house for single elderly people in Auckland.

This development will provide housing for single older people within a retirement village environment and will be built on land gifted to the foundation in Auckland.

“This is a new concept for the Selwyn Foundation who would like to replicate the concept if successful,” says Mr Heatley.

The Selwyn Foundation will contribute $1,615,000 to the development and receive HIF funding of $500,000.

The total amount allocated to Housing Innovation Fund projects so far this year is $13.3 million. A total of $20 million was set aside in the last budget for 2010/2011 funding.

"Working with third sector providers such as Pukaki Ahu Whenua, Nga Hau e Wha, the Selwyn Foundation and Habitat for Humanity has proved to be an effective and efficient way to deliver social housing," says Mr Heatley.

"Going forward the Government has set aside $40 million for 2011/2012. Through the new Social Housing Unit we intend to deliver nearly twice as much cash plus land and surplus state housing, to significantly boost the contribution third sector providers make towards growing the volume of niche, social and affordable housing in New Zealand," he says.