Hide's Calls 'Nothing More Than Politicking' - Bradford

  • Max Bradford

Revenue Minister Max Bradford said tonight that ACT finance spokesman Rodney Hide's call for an inquiry into public servants selling confidential information is "nothing more than politicking".

Mr Bradford said he viewed the allegations of corruption with the utmost gravity.

"However, Mr Hide's call for a judicial inquiry is unnecessary," Mr Bradford said. "I have every confidence in the Police and IRD's internal processes to deal with the allegations that have been made.

"Mr Hide will have his opportunity to co-operate with the Police and IRD inquiries that I have initiated today, and I will be announcing some further steps tomorrow.

"But it's important we keep a sense of perspective on this issue," he said.

"There are thousands of dedicated and honest public servants who work in Government departments. They have had their integrity questioned by these accusations of gross corruption in the media in the past few days - accusations that go to the very heart of the honesty we expect from the public service.

"I'm sure all fair minded New Zealanders would want the Police and other agencies to conduct full and fair investigations before anybody sits in judgement.

"While we are seeing so many allegations by debt collection agencies, I strongly believe, as the public will, that they must co-operate with the police and IRD in identifying whether there are real problems."

Note: New Zealand has approximately 31,000 public servants.