Here's the solution, Helen

  • Roger Sowry
Leader of the House

"For $1500 you could send him to Disneyland for the rest of the campaign - in fact a one-way ticket would be a great deal cheaper than that," said Roger Sowry.

Yesterday Labour leader Helen Clark has had another knife stuck in her back by party president Bob Harvey, who's complaining the party was simply being used as an "ATM machine" by the clique running Labour's campaign in Helen Clark's office.

"It's another symptom of the party in disarray, and Mr Harvey is just the most vocal dissident. They've already sent him into exile once, and I'd advise Helen to send him away on an extended trip this time."

Mr Harvey said he had advised against the negative ads Labour is about to run - although he hadn't been shown the commercials.

"I'm also astonished that the party president wouldn't see the ads before they go to air - but perhaps Bob Harvey would have caused a bigger stink in the media if he'd seen them."

Mr Sowry said that Labour's party hierarchy will be getting more and more irate as the campaign wallahs in Helen Clark's office progressively cut them out of the loop.

"It's a well-known Helen Clark philosophy - we know what's best for you".