Helen should do the honourable thing

  • Roger Sowry
Leader of the House

Labour should do the right thing and admit the rest of the errors in their campaign ad, said Roger Sowry.

"Helen had two choices with the mother of seven - to help her or to use her. She chose to use her."

"Pete Hodgson has already admitted Labour used phoney figures to misrepresent this case. It's about time Labour came clean on the rest.

"Refusing to disclose all the facts is not doing the Labour Party's credibility any good.

"They've already used public money to broadcast this ad - should they have to be dragged to the Broadcasting Standards Authority to force Helen to do the honourable thing?"

."Helen presented the ad. Helen should front up with the truth."

"Anyway, if Labour knew anything about welfare they'd have known that the facts didn't stack up, right from the start."