Health Minister announces DHB deputy chairs and appointed board members

  • Annette King

Health Minister Annette King today announced the names of deputy chairs for the 21 district health boards, and the names of appointees to each board.

Seven members of each board were elected in the first district health board elections on October 13. Mrs King, who is able to appoint up to four extra members to each board, announced the board chairs on November 12.

Mrs King said today the task of appointing the extra board members had been made more difficult because of the calibre of individuals who were available. “There have just been so many good people who want to get involved in the new DHB system.

“The first job was to analyse thoroughly the skill and experience of the seven elected members of each board so that I could determine those skills and backgrounds that might be missing from each board.

“It was also necessary to consult widely over the appointments of Maori representatives on the boards where Maori had not been elected. (NB: Under the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act there must be two Maori, elected or appointed, on each board).

“The disappointment for me is that I have not been able to choose some people who could also have made an excellent contribution to health, but I am confident that there is a good mix of skills, including health, finance and governance, on each board.”

Mrs King said that while she had appointed most chairs of the boards, generally to give continuity of experience, she was delighted that most deputy chairs were elected members.

A list of board members and deputy chairs is attached. NB: One appointment still has to be made to each of the Counties-Manukau, Tairawhiti, Taranaki and Waikato boards. Mrs King said consultation, assessments and interviews were continuing in each case, and the appointments would be announced by February.