Have your say on dog attacks

  • Louise Upston
Local Government

Associate Local Government Minister Louise Upston wants to hear from New Zealanders about their thoughts on New Zealand’s dog control laws. This feedback will be considered as part of the Government’s review of dog control laws.

“The aim of this review is to look at our dog control laws, and to consider further measures to reduce the harm of dog attacks.” Ms Upston says. “Responsible dog owners have nothing to fear.”

The Associate Minister began the review by writing to all local councils requesting feedback on the current dog control rules. Through this process, councils advised of the challenges animal control officers faced, and provided examples of their approaches to dog control.

In addition to engagement with local councils and dog control officers, Ms Upston met people with first-hand experience of dog attacks and listened to their stories.

“I thank those who shared their personal experiences with me and commend them on their courage,” Ms Upston said. “While I realise we can’t prevent dog attacks completely, I am committed to ensuring that our laws go as far as they can in reducing the risk and harm.”

Government officials will consider all of the feedback received in suggesting changes that will provide practical ways to reduce the risk and harm of dog attacks.

To have your say fill out the online form between 1 and 12 August at www.govt.nz/reducing-dog-attacks