Groser welcomes formal intention of US to sign TPP

  • Tim Groser

Trade Minister Tim Groser has welcomed the announcement today by President Obama, under the Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015, as a crucial step towards signature of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

“Specifically, we are now on a 90 day count down, after which the US will be able to sign the agreement. Soon after this period expires, we expect partner countries will meet to sign the text,” says Mr Groser.

“Our own Cabinet will be shortly be considering the final negotiated outcome, authorisation to sign, and the approval and release of National Interest Analysis (NIA).

“Once the agreement is signed, the Government will begin the usual Parliamentary processes involved in considering an international treaty. This includes Select Committee consideration of the NIA, followed by passage of legislation necessary to implement TPP which will require a full vote of Parliament. The public will have an opportunity to comment and be involved in the Select Committee process.

“Other partner countries will be progressing their own political procedures in the days ahead. Step by step, we are advancing towards the goal of putting in place the TPP and, provided our own House of Representatives will take the actions required to allow the Government to ratify the Agreement, open up the significant long-term benefits for New Zealanders from our biggest ever free trade deal,” says Mr Groser.