Greens wrong on Food Bill

  • Kate Wilkinson
Food Safety

Food Safety Minister Kate Wilkinson says she is concerned that the Green Party is endorsing misinformation about the impacts of a new Food Bill.

“For some time anonymous agitators have been spreading false information on the internet regarding the Food Bill and despite initially countering their views, Sue Kedgley has now buckled in order to chase their votes because it is an election year.

“Small growers who share or trade their produce with neighbours or who sell direct to consumers have nothing to fear from the new Food Bill.

“They will not face costs of any kind, or require to be registered or verified. At most, they will be supplied with free educational pamphlets which provide basic tips on how to handle food safely.

“Bartering is already covered under the current Food Act and occurs freely in New Zealand communities. This will not change.

“The new Food Bill is about modernising legislation that is now 30 years old. It is about ensuring that people who sell and prepare food do so safely.

“Unfortunately a small minority have decided the Bill is some sort of global corporate conspiracy designed to take control of the food chain and will lead to armed police storming the homes of private gardeners.

“Obviously this is rubbish and the Green Party, having earlier worked with the Government and supported the Bill through select committee, is now irresponsibly encouraging these views by spreading misinformation for political means.

“Information on the Food Bill is freely available at and I would encourage anyone who is unsure of the impacts of this legislation to read it for themselves.”